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Win a $100 Gift Certificate,D1 Lacrosse: LEHIGH vs LAFAYETTE,…

Debate, Earn Points, WIN !     D1 LAX: LEHIGH vs LAFAYETTE

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HS Boys Lacrosse: LAXTOPIA : Summit N J ( No 1– 62 Straight victories) @ No 5 Ridgewood NJ..

Today at 4:15 at the Ridgewood High School Football and Lacrosse Stadium. This will be some game as Summit ( past 2 state NJ champions) take on the red hot Ridgewood Maroons team.. Ridgewood has a great team ..Anchored by a defense of two great Junior defense men Ryan Ghaderi and Tripp Telesco,,,A solid midfield led by faceoff specialist Andrew Toner and Rutgers bound Van Jorgensen, and a stacked attack of Garcia Logan, Peter Reutter, Max Luing, and Connor O ‘Shea ( all Juniors).. In goal is Sophomore Noah Pounds who has been lights out.. This should be a great game…Come out and see !

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High School Lax NJ: Laxtopia: MOUNTAIN LAKES vs RIDGEWOOD …

FOLLOW THE GAME…   SCORE BY SCORE. GROUND BALL BY GROUND BALL, etc   Send pictures and videos ! ALL on the best mobile lacrosse APP in the world…LAXTOPIA.  All for iPhones,iPads, and all Apple products.  Note:Big game for the MAROONS of Ridgewood ( 4-1). Under Coach Mike Pounds the Maroons have never beaten Mountain Lakes but the Ridgewood team in loaded with Garcia Logan, Dylan Logan, Tripp Telesco, Van Jorgensen , Andrew Toner, Ryan Ghaderi, and much more. The LAKERS are 5-0 and loaded also…This is a state marquee matchup ! At Ridgewood 1 PM Great lax !

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