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Can MAVERIK, NIKE, BRINE, etc ? conquer WARRIOR in lax appeal ?

WARRIOR has owned the lacrosse world the past 10 years, but the boys from Maverik, Brine, and the behemoth NIKE are looming..  Can Warrior fight them off ?   Is MAVERIK’S recent investment by the Kohlberg group a bad sign for the others…  Will NIKE just squash them ?     What does WARRIOR need to do to stay on top ?   Let’s hear the opinions here at LAXTOPIA !

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Is Lacrosse the new Snowboarding ?

A friend of mine who is a pro rider in Snowboarding said to me last night that the explosion of LAX reminds him of the explosion of Snowboarding and action sports 5 years ago..   I know  what he is saying, but do you guys agree ?  see the similarities or potential for more growth ?

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