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Will lacrosse ever have a LEBRON JAMES ? ( BTW NJ is my pick)

   Whether you are a lacrosse fan, basketball fan, cricket fan, or even a tiddly-winks fan, you know what’s happening with Lebron James and his decision to go to the New Jersey Nets, New York Knicks, Chicago Bulls, Clippers,Heat and of course to stay in Cleveland with the Cavaliers.   But where Lebron goes is so beaten down now  that no one really cares, but it lead me to think…  Will lacrosse,  the all so sweet sport of lax, ever have an athlete with the power, monies, global reach of a Lebron James ?

       I say  yes.  You can see the power of lacrosse building as we speak, the fact that I’m writing a blog about it is proof alone, but also lacrosse has a lot of the panache that basketball has.   Every coach or player I have ever know have always drawn the comparison of hoops to lax, and I can see at the current growth rate that lax at some point will be a universal sport ( It has already started).   It may take  10, 25, maybe 50 years  but I think lacrosse will have its mega world Super Star and with their own Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc account , maybe Casey Powell’s grandson will be making his announcement on ESPN 43  where he will be playing the next 5 years for 100mill…A year.   BTW  I think Lebron goes to NJ in a surprise move   …But what do I know, I’m only from NJ !


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