A Case Against Helmets in Lacrosse..

This from the NY Times…17lacrosse.html?_r=1&hp


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2 responses to “A Case Against Helmets in Lacrosse..

  1. agregatethis

    Helmets are not a guarantee against concussions and other related head injuries for women. Great post – we need to change the perception of head injuries in women’s lacrosse – it is a non-contact sport with fewer than 3 stick-to-head contact injuries in the nation!

    • Go to X

      I have both a daughter who played high level lacrosse and 4 boys who play ( 2 are high level), and even though women’s lacrosse is considered not as ” tough” or ” cool” etc as the men’s game, they play at a great level, and the injuries are not even close. Let’s be honest, very few of these kids go on to a higher level and having their brains and bodies and mind intact are more important then cool !

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