High School Lacrosse Recruiting Media Continues To Grow

Back in the day the way people got their recruiting information was by going through laxpower’s recruitment database, and that was it, but times have changed.  Now with all these showcase camps and with inside lacrosse following recruiting all over the country we are learning about players younger and younger.  Its seems that the new kid on the block is Case Matheis of Darien who is getting Lebron-like media attention. As only a sophomore he is one of the biggest names in high school lacrosse being the most viewed highlight tape on lacrosserecruits.com , having a number of highlights on lax.com’s Darien VS. Wilton State Championship game as well as being seen in lax.com’s Maverick’s Showtime Camp All-Star game video.  There are a number of other names out there getting noticed at a young age, don’t forget everyone knew who Steele Stanwick and the Brattons were in their early years of high school, but this wave of media attention has made it more enjoyable for the lacrosse fan to follow the sport and players from a young age all the way to the pros.

For old times, check out the Brattons kill it in high school below:


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