Over-Under: The Iroquois get to Manchester?

With all the hype of the World Games this week in Manchester, England you would think the main topic of discussion would be looking forward to the Canada – USA matchup.  A Matchup that had gone Canada’s way recently even though field lacrosse is an American game.  Ironically the people who started the game of lacrosse, the Native Americans of this country aren’t being allowed to travel and play because of their Haudenosaunee passports.  Members of the Iroquois National Team are located mostly in northern USA and Canada and have been using their Haudenosaunee passports for years with no travel problems however they may be forced to miss the tournament completely.  We can only root for the Iroquois and hoped for not only their sake but for the history of the game of lacrosse they are able to travel and compete in Manchester this summer.

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One response to “Over-Under: The Iroquois get to Manchester?

  1. Jeff

    I say they make it.. They have had to deal with a lot harder things then this in the past, this will be an empty net shot to them !

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